Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Deal for Automated Home Devices

1.5 week ago I posted about Insteon, home automation device that available in the State, but I managed find a few UK sites selling fantastic remote for less than £15.

  1. EKDVDR has Radiplug 3x Remote Control Mains Plug sockets/switches for £13.99

  2. Maplin has Remote Transmitter and Receiver for £4.99

  3. Ebuyer selling Indoor Remote Control Sockets with light dimmer function for £8.82

  4. And finally Lakeland selling its Remote Control Plug Set for £8.99, with £10 off code (DW1) for purchase over £25.
Personally, I prefer the Insteon last one, as the device looks appealing. There you go, get one of this and you can sit tight on your lazy sofa. If you want more sofisticated Home Automated product, HawkingTech is going to launch their "Z-Wave solution" by Q2 2008.

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