Monday, January 07, 2008

Video Streaming with Joost, Hulu, SyncTV, BBC iPlayer, 4OD, Miro

On top of the famous YouTube, Joost was the first video streaming application I used back in 2006, and it is brilliant. I like the interface, but the content is a bit lacking.

hulu, by invitation only, is offering US tv shows (simpson, prison break, project runway, etc.) that I find more apprealing than Joost. If you are not living in the state, this is not for you :(

Thanks to OPENhulu and TV Paradise, you can skip the "hulu private invitation only" to watch US shows as new as just broadcasted. However, this doesn't mean you can watch it outside the State.

not able to view the show as not a US person

I just downloaded Hotspot Shield, a free program which creates a virtual private network between your computer and a wireless router. While its focus is mainly on protecting your private information from hackers, it keeps hulu from recognizing that you are outside the State to overcome this problem. I just tried and it works!

If you are not in US and had installed Hotspot Shield, try to watch Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XVIII below. The show might not be as smooth as watching YouTube.

Closer to home, BBC is offering iPlayer for you to catchup the past 7 days shows. This mean you will never miss Top Gear again. :)

I'd tried once with ITV Video Player on ITV3 when it was showing a football match, unfortunately it wasn't smooth and I didn't use it since.

Channel4 has very good tv shows, and it is offering 4OD (On Demand). I didn't tried it but one of this day I will (when bittorent is ban).

And lastly, SyncTV was announced in CES 2008. It is a per channel subscription base service that allow HD content to download and watch using HDTV. The different between this service with 4OD is the content is High definition. I'd subscribed to their beta list and let's see how it turn up.

Update 11/1 - Miro is another streaming player that direct compete with Joost. It promised to offer more channels than Joost, by allowing anyone to create their own channel. If you into offering your own content, you might want to give it a go.

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