Wednesday, January 30, 2008

PSP Slim & Lite with 4GB MemoryStick Pro Duo

Just ordered a PSP slim & lite from JohnLewis for £109 when I entered SHE851PCH445 code for £20 off being the first time buyer.

Then ordered 4GB Sandisk MemoryStick Pro Duo from MemoryBits for £29.01 using 10OFF for 10% discount. Skype phone is coming our way :)

Update 2/2: Got the PSP and memory yesterday. I bought this on behalf of Cherlyn as I'm deal cruncher, but not knowing she is buying it for me :)

Unboxed my first ever game console as I'm a die hard PC user

Update 20/2: DO NOT buy memory from MEMORYBITS! They are selling fake memory!

Update 26/2: 4GB Sandisk & Sony Memory stick Duo purchased from arrived today and both are original, Sony from Japan and Sandisk from Taiwan for £27.99 & £28.99.

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