Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stream your PC games to Linux, PS3 using StreamMyGame

Come on, are you serious? DLNA only able to stream video, mp3 and picture from PC to DLNA compatible device. How could one stream their game across the network without the need of high speed connection and no lag on audio or video ? Apparently StreamMyGame extract your games into IPTV channels and make it possible and best of all, it is FREE!

You can stream your game on a PC by installing the server application, which is available for free download after you register an account. You can then stream your game over to a low end laptop, linux OS and even PS3. Don't mislead by the word streaming, you can actually control and play the game on any of the streaming device without a noticeable lag on video or audio. After watching the tutorial videos, all I can say is my jaw dropped. Seeing is believing...

If you are happy with the performance, do consider upgrade to their premium membership where you can get better resolution at 1280x720p.

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