Sunday, December 28, 2008

OfferStation, HotUKDeals alike for MYS & SG

For deal lover in Malaysia and Singapore, OfferStation offers 1-stop-up-to-date deals, saving you RM and SGD before you shop at the high street. I'd browsed it and find the deals are very recent. Definately worth your time if you are ready to spend.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

£ depreciating since September 08

British Pound £ set a new low against Euro today at 1:1.12, while depreciate in value against major foreign currencies since September.

Bypass Company Firewall with JoikuSpot

This morning I found out my company has blocked remote access via TeamViewer. What a bummer! I loss the ability to remote control my HTPC to download stuff from rapidshare, megaupload and so on. I tried LogMeIn via O2 free GPRS. I find it is not very friendly when comes to key input as the text is out of sight, and impossible to put a complete url.

Luckily, my new addition to my powerful N95 save the day. With JoikuSpot, my phone is now a wifi access point, by sharing the free O2 GPRS data allocates to my mobile. What a good idea that is. I have no problem using TeamViewer now as I can surf via Joiku to bypass the company proxy server :)

Online Remote Control: LogMeIn vs TeamViewer 4

I've been using TeamViewer 3 for remote desktop control for several months, and it is the only way to control my HTPC in office since OpenVPN, OpenSSH, LogMeIn etc all blocked. Recently TeamViewer release version 4, where you can remote control over web browser. I'd tested yesterday, and I like the fact I still have all the functions as I control via desktop version. But I don' like the display resolution of my HTPC as I couldn't zoom in/out the desktop. To counter that, you can enable auto panning when mouse over the edge of the remote screen.

LogMeIn has been well known for remote control over web browser long before TeamViewer. I like the auto fit remote desktop resolution feature that is missing in TeamViewer. Since it is a free account, I'm unable to remote transfer files as in TeamViewer (althought TV is free).
Browsing from my N95, LogMeIn works perfectly over the internet. I can control the display zoom by setting my prefer %. It is not working from mobile when browsing TeamViewer web login page. When I'm at home, I use VNC+ instead.

This is a brief comparison between TeamViewer 4 and LogMeIn. I've both installed in my HTPC to benefit from both product.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Netgear DG834N touch down

I got my DG834N eventually as I discovered the 2nd floor bedrooms are getting bad wifi coverage with the DG834G router. I'd patched the firmware with DGTeam and it works fine.

Getting a draft N router, it is part of my wishlist to upgrade my home networking for better coverage and future proof. As I might get a Slingbox SOLO and a Mini 1000 netbook from HP next year, the router will serve me well when slinging the Sky+ box (or Freesat) over wifi to my netbook. Just a thought.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Asus Nova P20 Docking Station

I was surfing for comment on upgrading P20's processor to E7300 before I saw the new docking station at Asus homepage. It comes with card reader, usb ports and tv tuner. But since I planned to get a Slingbox SOLO as part of my wishlist for 08/09, the reason I might get it is for the card reader.

One of the OZ web site is selling it for $75.

Update: 12/12 - Apparently P20 is not popular in Singapore as compare to Australia. I got an email from the Asus distributor in Singapore that the docking station will not be available in SG.

Update: 30/12: Thanks to jying, I got my TV Dock for AUD$131.75 inclusive of sea postage to UK.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Patched my Netgear DG834Gv3 with DGTeam firmware

A few days back, I posted a new release of DGTeam custom firmware for Netgear. Since then I'd been trying to get dgteam's firmware to work but without success until a revised firmware 0849 released early today. Internet and wifi connection are fixed in this minor release.I've tested the WOL function and it works as expected. Cheers for that! Hence I can turn off my HTPC and wake up in office whenever I need to download stuffs :)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

O2 GPRS Speed Test

My O2 monthly plan come with free 1GB GPRS data. So I was testing my company internet speed using ZDNet SpeedTest, I thought I can run the same test using my mobile. The result shown 49kbps.

Bank of England drop interest rate to 2%

Today Bank of England has announced a drop in its interest rate from 3% to 2%, lowest since 1951. Continue read here.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

DGTeam firmware for Netgear DG834Gv1-3

Just 2 days ago DGTeam released firmware for DG834Gv4, it is now available for v1-v3! The WOL function I wanted for so long can finally be materialize without buying a new router. This release saved me ££ as I was so close from winning a DG834N bid at eBay yesterday, and I'm thankful I didn't win it.