Saturday, January 19, 2008

No TV Aerial on new houses & cost saving

I was shocked when I just come to realise there is no TV antenna installed on new houses in UK. Because of that, I just signed up Sky Pay Once What Forever instead of waiting for a Freesat box as mentioned in my previous post.

Based on my 12 months calculation for cheapest phone line rental, broadband and TV, option 1 below is the cheapest compare to Sky package.

Option 1: £70.5(Sky Pay Once with 4 months 4 TV packages free trials)+£30(Tiscali installation)+£14.99*12 (Tiscali 8mb unlimited broadband with BT line rental) = £280.38

Option 2: £30 + [£16 (Sky Digital with 1 package)+ £10 (16mb unlimited broadband) + £10 (BT line rental)]*12 =£462

Update 18/1: Went to Maplin store and saw a digital TV aerial kit cost £39.99. With £30.5 extra, I'm getting Sky Pay Once and it is clearly a better deal.

At Currys store, Sky HD Box is half price when purchase a HDTV. This promo run until end of Jan.

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