Friday, July 31, 2009

20 pence that worth £100

My colleague are luck to hold one of these rare coin that worth more than £100 in eBay. What make it valuable is It doesn't has the year printed on both side.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

A decade of mobile phone experience

About 10 years ago, I got my first mobile phone from vodaphone, motorola startac, a month later I traded it for nokia 3210 with a digi line (0162962241). From there I used 8250, 8310 and 6230 with singtel (97823646),n73, n80 and finally n95 8gb with O2. Ever since I bought iPhone, I don't think i will consider a nokia phone in the coming decade.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Dev Team release jailbreak for iPhone 3GS

Dev-Team has release the much anticipated redsn0w jailbreak for iPhone 3GS, get the torrent here. Apparently the hole is the same as purplera1n used.

Tales of Monkey Island is about to begin...

Telltale will release Tales of Monkey Island in the coming hours, but before that, they put together a short flash animation. Enjoy.

Monday, July 06, 2009

The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition

I can't remember where to begin, probably back in 1990 when I first got my PC, a 386/486 with a turbo button on it. Monkey Island was my first ever adventure game played. This summer Lucasarts will release special edition for it, I'm glad they didn't release this as a 3D game. This release will be just in time to patch the lost of my childhood music pop icon, MJ.

Apparently there are more progress than just a Special Edition. The guy at Telltale will release Tales of Monkey Island, 3D episodic games. I can't wait to play it soon.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Jailbreak iPhone 3GS is now available

If you can't risk a second to wait for the release version of purplerain, you can try jailbreak your iPhone 3GS now at your own risk using the beta release here. GeoHot you are the man!

I ruined my Mac OS

I'd spent an hour yesterday grabbing a copy of VMWare image that contains Mac OS 10.5.5, then I installed the iPhone SDK for 6 hours! Eventually I'd the software upgrade and installed the 700+MB Mac OS 10.5.7 Combine Update and found that it killed the virtual machine. Total time lost was half a day!

Luckily I got a backup copy of the initial image. That's mean I will have to spent another 6 hours to install the SDK.
Update: The Mac OS image mentioned above is done by Xelabo, however I just came across an image that has 10.5.7 update in it. There is a forum discussing about increase performance and upgrade here.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hoxton London Hotel for £1

Hoxton £1 deal is back. I'd never lucky enough to grab this deal before, but I can try it tomorrow.

Belkin iPhone 3G Ballistic Nylon Case for £2.99

My iPhone is still in the packaging as I don't want to risk scratching it without a protection. Fortunately there is a cheap case available to buy. I'd ordered a Belkin iphone case for £2.99 from Boffer, best deal I can find since Amazon is selling for £7.99.

Hopefully the case will arrive before weekend.

Tech Spec: The Formed Hard Case adds protection and style to your iPhone by elegantly combining a fitted leather face with a formed, ballistic nylon back.

Belkin Ballistic Case - Case for cellular phone - nylon, leather - black - Apple iPhone.

Condition: Brand new

Warranty: Life Time with Belkin

SGP shield for iPhone 3G & S

I got my iPhone 3GS today, finally I'd decided to move away from HTC Hero after 2 weeks of consideration. But I'll get an Android phone early next year when it has NVidia Tegra chip in the smartphone.

I'd done some research on which case best fit my iPhone, and I bought SGP Shield at eBay from a Korean seller. At first I was looking for an anti fingerprint LCD film, but ended up buying this invinsible shield. SGP shield only comes with a Steinheil Crystal film. Thanks to the generous seller I got anti fingerprint film FOC.


Hi, may I know is it possible to swap and top up for an anti fingerprint sgp screen protector before you ship? I understand the lcd screen protector included in sgp shield is not anti-fingerprint. Thanks.

- engowen07

<<< hi

thank you for your is include one clear screen film.Originally, it is impossible...but i will send one clear and one antifinger print film.thank you.

- wowsomethingnew

Zagg's invisibleshield is another popular choice, but I didn't get it as several users complains about the stickiness of it. I hope SGP will not have this problem.

Earn points with purchase in

Ebay has announced a new concept, +Plus; you gain point for each purchase. If you purchase an iPhone for £300, you get 300 points which convert to £3 at the end of September. I like the idea.