Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dixon 5% TV deal

Just received Dixon 5% code (FIVEOFFTV) for TV over £499. This code will expire by midnight 1st FEB. Although the deal is good but the Samsung LCDTV we want is still out of stock.

I'm tempted to get Sony KDL40V3000 LCD, since a combine code of PR25 for £25 off and 5% really make a big different.

Same for Samsung LE40M86BDX, both our second choice TV.

Update 1/2: I called Dixons, the sale advisor told me Samsung LE40F86BD will be in stock on 8/2.

£10 free by signing up Monilink for Mobile Banking

Monilink is a mobile service from famous ATM company that allows you to manage your bank account like viewing statement, transfer money with most UK banks.

I just noticed Monilink is giving £10 credit to your bank account when you sign up 1 free account with them.

But there is a small print, it seems today is the last day for registration. Since I won't be able to get my passcode on time as it will be sent to home address, I might not get £10. I extracted the small print from their term & condition.

If a customer registers more than one account the £10 payment will be made to the first account which is registered for MONILINK™ Mobile Banking provided the registration meets the eligibility criteria. Payment will be made within 35 days of the first transaction, provided that this occurs between 1st October 2007 and 31st January 2008 and that MONILINK™ Mobile Banking has not been cancelled in the meantime.

Dyson Vacuum & Washer from LittleWoods Direct January Sales

Littlewoods Direct is having sales now. There are a few good deals if you are looking for washer dryer.

I also found Dyson DC07 is a good deal at £130. Although JohnLewis is selling at £139, you can get it cheaper with £20 discount code but they are out of stock at the moment.

Just found that you can use ZQ462 for £10 off

Or XX116 for 10%.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SkyEurope 2 for 1 Valentine Flight Deal

SkyEurope deal, tempting but I'm not free to take leave :(

PSP Slim & Lite with 4GB MemoryStick Pro Duo

Just ordered a PSP slim & lite from JohnLewis for £109 when I entered SHE851PCH445 code for £20 off being the first time buyer.

Then ordered 4GB Sandisk MemoryStick Pro Duo from MemoryBits for £29.01 using 10OFF for 10% discount. Skype phone is coming our way :)

Update 2/2: Got the PSP and memory yesterday. I bought this on behalf of Cherlyn as I'm deal cruncher, but not knowing she is buying it for me :)

Unboxed my first ever game console as I'm a die hard PC user

Update 20/2: DO NOT buy memory from MEMORYBITS! They are selling fake memory!

Update 26/2: 4GB Sandisk & Sony Memory stick Duo purchased from arrived today and both are original, Sony from Japan and Sandisk from Taiwan for £27.99 & £28.99.

B&Q 18v cordless Driver for £66.59 & painting

Went to B&Q yesterday and saw this Bosch 18v Lion battery version of drill driver is having a discount. Very good deal and I intend to return my 14.4v drill driver.

To continue our wall painting, we bought masking tape and fine brushes. The brushes served us well and we are glad with it.

The Masking tape is too sticky that Cherlyn use her thigh to reduce the stickiness

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dualphone 3088 Skype phone from Ebuyer

Dualphone 3088 is one of the PC free skype phone, meaning you don't need to plug a usb cable from the phone to PC. You can get it from EBuyer as it is currently the cheapest available. I've been considering one too, but I'm not an active Skype user so I'll pass this one.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Solar Powered Courtesy Light from Gizoo

I mentioned this product a while back, and I just bought 3 of these. Out of these 3, I ordered 2 for a close friend back in Malaysia. I couldn't imagine he decided to get 2 of these after seeing my post. :)

Update 30/1: My solar lights arrived.

This is the light output in a dark room.

At last, ordered Bosch washer from Dixons

I was looking for Bosch WAE28467GB washer since 1 month ago and Dixons was out of stock. I could buy from elsewhere (I almost got it from KitchenScience as it has a 5% discount, but my address was not recognizable as it is new and to proceed the transaction a sale advisor need to call me) but I prefer Dixons. Been clicking to stock check everyday over the past 3 weeks, and the click is finally over. Next up, I'm going to keep clicking for Samsung LE40F86BDX TV.

Update 30/1: Again WAE28467 is out of stock. Good news is the price has dropped from £364.99 to £354.99. With £10 code, you can get it for less.

Busy weekend with painting job & shopping

Yesterday we went to B&Q and spent more than 80 quids to get paints and stuffs. There was the light shade in the blue bucket.

At first we thought the light blue was a wrong choice, but it ended up a nice warm color :)

We painted since noon to quarter past 9pm.

On the other hand, my first proper drill experience started with a house number plate.

And the screws were properly align :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Got our house key 2 days ago

Finally the wait was over and we were busy moving our stuff over during the weekend. The first room we finished fitting was bathroom with the Habitat shower curtain and B&Q extendable shower rail.

Dulux 1000 Nectar point bonus & shopping @IKEA

Went to local Dulux store and spent £41 on Dulux paint and accesories. Main reason not buying from B&Q was I can collect Nectar point. 1000 points = £500 spending in Sainsburys. Offer will end on 28th Feb 2008.

Right after that we went to IKEA and bought 2 MALM drawers.
Luckily Cherlyn know how to space manage it and fitted in our small car.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Dinner at The Village Inn

Went to Joshua group yesterday just to find out the lady who suppose to order take away was not able to join us. So 4 of us went to the nearby pub for dinner. Quite a nice place as it was nice and quiet, a popular place among elderly resident.

The Village Inn

2 Meals Deal


Mighty Mixed Grill

Rib & Chicken Combo

Thursday, January 24, 2008

HSBC banking experience

HSBC is my prefer bank since I'm in Malaysia as they provide very good service. I'd a credit card with HSBC UK for a few months now, and I wanted to cancel it today. To try my luck without going to the till or talk over the phone, I sent them a secure message to cancel it. The next thing I know was, they cancelled it straightaway for me with no question ask. I'm amazed by their quality of service! They earned my thumb up for best internet banking.

Hoxton £1 deal booking experience

Hoxton hotel is running their £1 room promotion now, but there are only 500 rooms for this price. I just a lot of bargain hunter must be disappointed as they couldn't login to the booking page. I too have the same experience. The website basically overloaded with traffic and the server could not cope with it. What a nightmare for spending 20 minutes of my lunch time and get nothing out of it. If you are trying hard just like it, make sure your F5 key still in working condition :)