Thursday, January 03, 2008

Still dreaming about building my HTPC

I was about second too close to build my HTPC by ordering Dell XPS 420 and Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard, as the Dell 10% discount code was just expired (updated 4/1: Dell new 10% code - Q3TCG81H5P8?BM). My idea was to move Dell's components and reassemble it to Shuttle XPC as I think XPS 420 chassis can fetch quite a good price in ebay.

Update 5/1: In CES 2008, Logitech has announced diNovo Mini wireless keyboard, should be looking around £99.00 when it release to the market. It is compatible with PS3 with a touch of a button at the back of the keyboard. What's cool about it is the mouse touchpad can turn into a 4 directional navigator like the normal keyboard. It comes with a lid and its size is about a Nintendon DS size. Impressive!

Shuttle USA has launched new XPCs. I suppose if my calculation works, I will probably pay less for good configuration, but too late now :(

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