Friday, December 21, 2007

Interesting Automated Home product

While I was looking for RF (Radio frequency) remote controller for my potential HTPC, I came across this interesting SmartHome device from Insteon. Unfortunately it only available in US, and the power plug is not compatible here. Hopefully not long from now it will be available in this region. The picture below shows the RemoteLinc Starter Kit, for USD129.99

Basically it works like this: the white Access Points (back of the picture) need to link up with the black RemoteLinc device, and link the Lamplinc device (front of the picture) with the RemoteLinc. Then plug your table lamp into one of the link. Click play on the Windows Media Player below to see the setup.

The diagram below shows the connectivity between the devices in starter kit package.

Here is a video clip from showing Insteon wide range of automated home products such as Appliance dimmer, keypadlinc controller, remote switch, rollerblind controller and home control software.

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