Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year 2008

Leap year comes every 4 years, and to me it is just another day. But here in Britain it is a special day for the girl. It is the day when a girl can propose to a guy they like. I know this via the GWR FM channel. This is interesting.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

1 year in UK

1 year ago, I was just touched down at Heathrow Airport and at this time I was on my way to Ibis Hotel. Can't imagine how fast a year gone by.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fixed pipe knocking problem

Since moved in, our house was generating knocking noise when we use the hot water. Finally it is fixed today, but we have to repaint cut area.

Lee from Bellways fixed the cloak room door lock, after he left, I tried and it wasn't working. I was locked in it for 20 minutes before Lee from Bellway let me out. Luckily I didn't locked the main door and got a mobile phone with me. What an awful experience.

Update: I just came back from the house and the noise is still there. NOT fix. Now another hole is being made. Noise due to contracting pipe and hitting the adjacent wood. That's what I being told.

euroffice 20% + High street vouchers

euroffice is giving away 20% discount for first time buyer and £10 voucher on high street brand with purchase over £30. If you are looking for office desk, chairs and stuff, go check it out. I'm thinking of a leather chair for my pc.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Cambridge Trip

I took advantage of Travelodge £19 promotion back in January, and stayed 1 night in Cambridge last weekend. It brought back old memory of mine when I first visit Cambridge back in 1998. Although the weather was not good, but we were glad it didn't rain.

We stopped by the only Vietnamese Restaurant and enjoyed a mouthwatering Vietnamese cruisine that we both missed since my last visit to Ho Chi Minh back in May 2006. It did brought back our memory on the food we enjoyed.

On Sunday, we walked around Trinity and King colleague before we head back to Swindon.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Black iDect X2i Cordless Phone for £14.99

Amazon is having warehouse clearance for their electrical products up to 50% off selected products. I picked up iDect X2i phone for £14.99 with free delivery.

A cheaper white version is available for £12.99 but need to pay for delivery charge as it is not enough for free delivery with minimum £15 spend.

Update 28/2: Got it yesterday and fit nicely.

ChannelNewsAsia Live

The News Channel that deliver most Asia News come within reach. Singapore's ChannelNewsAsia is now on trial at TVUplayer & Saya Tv.

Unbrick PSP Slim to custom firmware

I successfully unbrick my PSP Slim to the latest custom firmware 3.90 M33 v2 using this guide. Now I need to wait for my 2x 4GB MSD from

To play iso/cso file, you need to make sure UMD mode set to disable by referring to Recovery Menu Guide.

Good source to download PSP related files at Quick Jump Download.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Malaysia Airline Sale @ KL

Fantastic deal from Malaysia Airline. Sale start from 22/2 to 24/2. If I have not purchase my return ticket with Emirate, I'll fly to Hong Kong via OasiaHongKong and take Airasia back to KL then take 1 awy flight from KL back to London.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

256MB Sandisk MSD for £3.99

I was looking for a 256MB MSD for my PSP as I'm not going to risk my 4GB MSD to format it as Magic Memory Stick for PSP firmware update. I searched ebay for cheap one but end up the cheapest still cost more than £7. So I ordered a 1GB MSD from as it was the cheapest at time, but intend to return it since I found this deal from Asda, 256MB for £3.99 with delivery.

Currys 25% on Bosch, Hotpoint or Miele

Received an email from Currys on their 25% off promotion.

Cheaper Manchester United & Liverpool Shirt

Was going to order a Man Utd Home Shirt on Monday for Cherlyn's brother and the price was £39.99, now I found that it is 33.99. Go grab yours!

In the basket, the first shirt is added on Monday, the second one is today. See the difference.

You can get an extra 10% when pay by MNBA credit card.

Get a discounted Liverpool shirt at Kitbag for just £16.99 with a free scarf.

Monday, February 18, 2008

-4 degree doesn't cool me off from crap BT appointment

Today is the coldest morning I ever experience at -4 celcius.

While the morning was cold, but that doesn't stop me from cursing BT. I'm pissed with BT as my scheduled for landline installation didn't turn up. From 8am - 1pm, no Open Reach engineer come. I'm calling to find out my next appointment, the number 0800800150 is chargable using mobile and I was put on endless wait, and was served by call centre at India that the operator know nothing about BT and just read according to a script! Without a landline I could not have a broadband connection. What a crap service!
I was told due to underground engineering work, the installation is delay to 5/3 on the day I return home. Let's hope this time they deliver their promise.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Moving Out/In Day

Finally after staying 9 month in the current place, I'm moving to my own house. Will not have Internet at home for half month

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cheap Nokia N95 Deal from e2save

This is the cheapest deal in UK. Free Nokia N95 from e2save with 12 months O2 contract, paying £20 per month via redemption. Only 30 left.

Update 12/3: N95 is even cheaper now with £15 per month for 12 months contract.

Chance to get free flight with Jet2 competition

Test your knowledge and get free flight from

Good luck!

Make money with Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 for £13.

You can get Medal Of Honor: Heroes 2 for £13 at Shopto

Then sell it at CEX for £16. I just ordered mine and hopefully by weekend, i can go back to CEX to refund both this game and Worm we bought last week.

Update 18/2: On saturday I decided to go for exchange value which is £21 instead of £16 cash. That is £8 gain provided I can find something decent to spend.

Busy CNY weekend

Went to Bristol last Saturday, and the weather was great. It felt like Spring is approaching since dust has prolong from 4pm to 6:20pm now. We had dinner at the chinese restaurant just to have a small family dinner together with my sis.

On Sunday, Cherlyn finished plant the flowers near the pavement.

My sis paid us a visit and helped us at home. Managed to finish assembled 2x IKEA cabinets and dining chairs.

Cherlyn finished sewing the curtain for living room.

And the TV arrived at night.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Using Slingbox or gogoMedia to broadcast home CCTV

Been research for sometime and for a cheap cctv. In brief, I found 3 options. You can buy Motorola Homesight HMEZ2000 for £66.

But there is a monthly subscription payable to myhome247 to remote access the camera and with ability to receive text alarm.

2nd option is get a wifi camera from linksys or dlink and hook it to the wifi network. If you can VPN back home, I believe you can access the wifi camera., but there is no notification or motion capture.

Traditionaly, most CCTV has a SCART plug to connect to your TV.

GetPLC Smart CCTV is one of the model HomeBase has stock.

The 3rd option need a Slingbox. Not only you get to enjoy your TV channel or recorded show anywhere you go, you can also use the SCART plug to connect the CCTV into it and your house anywhere you go. I think this option give you better value as it is subscription free. Of course, it would be nice to connect Slingbox to PIR motion detection in order to snapshot of your house on any movement as there isn't any yet.

Alternate to Slingbox, Adigit gogomedia Pro a Taiwanese product that rival Slingbox seems to do it all. I extracted this diagram from their website. Unlike slingbox where you need to connect to sling website, you can directly connect to gogomedia as it has ddns option and support recording!

The price is a bit steep at £250, but as compare to Sling, you get multi access capability. Adigit PDF brochure is available here and manual here. Unfortunately the model I'm interested in this post is the Surveillance model but it is not for retail. :(