Monday, January 21, 2008

Pre-Occupation Demo at Bellway

First time officially went into my house, and we were quite happy with the builder quality of work. If everyting goes well, we should be getting our key on 25 Jan.

1 of our neighbour already move in (red color)

parking and staircase to the backyard still in progress due to recent bad weather

look likes Matthew Home, the builder across the road will widen the road, if so, i can safely park my car in front of the door finger cross

backyard view from the upper room

long checklist after 2 hours demo

Update 23/1: Picture below is the trickle vents on the windows and doors. I found it particularly interesting since it helps to minimize the moisture at home without opening any window. This is very useful during winter as it is so freezing cold.

At some point, I'm thinking the stair leading to the backyard might not be bright enough as the bricks will block the street light. Good thing I found this Solar Sensor Light for £24.95. Might consider install one.

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