Thursday, January 03, 2008

Most expensive Fuel I ever pumped

I was on my way back from Exeter to Swindon with less than 60 miles worth of diesel in the car when I'm near Bridgewater service along M5. So I decided to pump up a few quids of fuel as I know none of the petrol station can offer the best rate I got in Swindon. I'm gobsmacked, the diesel price was £1.099 (RM7.48) per litre.

I pumped £9.65....

Both unleaded & diesel price were outrageous @ BP!

When I'm back to Swindon, I pumped city diesel at Sainsbury for £1.049 per litre, which was the cheapest around South West England.

If you wonder why British fuel cost so much, here is the brief breakdown I found.

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