Monday, January 07, 2008

Houxton Hotel Deal in London with £1 Room

Last year around November, I noticed Hoxton has this fantastic deal, but I wasn't lucky quick enough as the website was loaded with traffic. This time the deal is back, but you can only book it on certain date below:

  • DATE: 17 Jan 2008 TIME: 12 PM, OFFER PERIOD: 1 Feb to 30 Apr, NOTES: January Sale

  • DATE: 3 Apr 2008 TIME: 9 AM, OFFER PERIOD: 1 May to 31 July, NOTES: Summer Sale

  • DATE: 4 Jul 2008 TIME: 4 PM, OFFER PERIOD: 1 Aug to 30 Oct, NOTES: For the Americans

  • DATE: 2 Oct 2008 TIME: 12 PM, OFFER PERIOD: 1 Nov 2008 to 4 Jan 2009, NOTES: Winter Offer

Update: 22/1 - the previous sale has been moved to 24th Jan instead.

"With rising energy prices, the alleged credit crunch and lots of rain, we thought we would try and brighten up your day by letting you know that our next £1 sale will take place on the 24th January at 12 Noon.

We have 500 rooms at £1 and 500 rooms at £29 available; that’s 5 rooms each night at £1 and 5 rooms at £29 available every day from the 1st February to 30th April 2008.

During our last sale, in October, we made some improvement to our on-line booking system but, sadly, it is still not perfect. Please bear with us – we continue to work with our technology partner to make the system easier to use.

To make the sale as fair as possible, you are only allowed to book one room, for one night at £1. If we find anyone misbehaving, we will cancel all their bookings.

In previous sales, we have had over 200,000 people trying to book these rooms. We are expecting a similar amount of traffic during this sale so you may not be successful. However we still have other bargains available including:

· Rooms for just £79 over the Easter weekend
· All Sundays in June are currently just £30"

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