Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great Ikea hack for console wheel

I was looking for a good solution to mount a console wheel that I intend to buy. GameRacer Pro cost around £290 without the wheel. It is good if I got the money to burn. Eventually budget has landed me to this Ikea Hack where the whole configuration set cost less than £60. It does require to drill a hold and several screws to the paddle.

Update: I also came across this wheelstandpro foldable support, cost £85 delivered

Got my belated v-day present, ps3

Thanks to my wife for getting me a PS3 slim 250gb with uncharted 2 and assassin creed 2. This is my 2nd console, but the first that has competitve gaming title. Started to play incharted 2, the display is awesome.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HP MediaSmart EX490 & Snow Leopard

Got my HP home server today with 1tb of storage. I bought it for £364 to consolidate my 3 external hdd, 2x500gb,750gb. Plan to get another 2tb drive, cheapest at £114 from hitachi.

At the same time I got my Mac OS X Snow Leopard DVD after failing to get a bootable torrent(downloaded 3 times). Hopefully I'm a step closer to build an iPhone app. Going to install the os in vmware 7.

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