Sunday, December 16, 2007

TV shows that interest me to watch

Alright, straight to the point. It wasn't due to the poor tv shows on the 5 UK channels (minus Freeview, minus SKY) but it is the reality shows (US version) accompanying me for a few years (Amazing Race, Project Runway, Apprentice, American Next Top Model, Survivor) that I missed the most. Perhaps SkyOne is showing more US shows, the 5 UK channels (BBC1&2, ITV1,Channel 4,Five) are lacking US shows. There are a few good UK shows I like as they are original: Top Gear, GadgetShow, Dragonsden, F Word, Property ladder, Jamie At Home, and Hotel Inspector. UK version of Apprentice is suck. X-Factor, UK version of American Idol is pretty ok, yesterday Leon walked away as a winner. On top of this, Big Brother is aonther interesting show I watched not long after I landed in Swindon.

Every week until today, I download the latest show of Amazing Race s12, Survivor S15, Project Runway S4, American Next Top Model S9, Heroes S2, Prison Break S3, Taiwanese singing competition MillionStars S2, Anime Gundam 00, Amazing Race Asia S2. I'm pretty up-to-date with the shows most people watching in Asia.

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