Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007

Year 2007 is an exciting year for me, as I experienced greatest thing in life compare to 2006 and 2005. A quick flash back on what I did in 2007:
  • Jan -Feb: Prepare for the great migration from Singapore to Swindon after staying in Singapore for nearly 7 years.

27/2: Distance from SG - London

  • March - April: Stayed in Ibis hotel for 1 month and struggling to live without Internet :) also 1st UK trip to Cornwall and visit Stonehenge.

7/4: Day 2 of Cornwall trip: Porthreat

  • May - June: London trip & bought a house in Swindon, will be ready by Jan 08.

31/5: received first UK fine for £30, for using bus lane in Oxford

  • July - August: Brighton trip and met local chinese in Swindon

  • 12/8: Bristol Ballon Fiesta by Discovery Channel

  • Sep - Oct: 1st Europe trip to Barcelona trip and my VW car finally arrive.
  • 15/9: Sagada Familiar @ Barcelona, shot using 12mm lens

  • Nov - Dec: Got my British license & serious about blogging since this blog was created in 2005.

30/11: company dinner & won £100 Mark & Spenser gift card

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Hans said...

This year was good for me, because I visited city of my dream Barcelona. It's no wonder why Barcelona city is so popular. Fabulous architecture, brilliant Spanish cuisine, flamboyant culture and wonderful weather combine to make Barcelona a truly magnificent city. The works of Antoni Gaudi dominate the city of Barcelona. I choice from many hotels in Barcelona one, close to historical center. Most of all I was impressed by Sagrada Familia. It is really great construction of great master of architecture.
Thanks for nice and interesting blog.