Monday, December 17, 2007

Gearing up for Driving Test

Countdown is almost over, 2 more days now. Over the last 2 weekend, I have spent time to digitize the test route I found from DVLA website into Google Earth. This method helped me to familiarize the route as there are 15 potential route the driving instructor might ask me to follow.

I've my driving license since 1995, but to sit for a British driving test, it isn't as easy as I initial thought. I need to follow the route, the actions as the instructor expected, not as simple as driving from A to B. One of the challenge is I decided to take a manual car test, having not driving one for 12 years. I found a website, that contains clips on driving lesson, as well as question the instructor will ask me to perform before the test. Pretty useful site.

Swindon has 2 tricky roundabouts, Magical and Coate Water (picture above) roundabout. As long as I follow the right correct lane, check the mirrors before I signal, shift gear before approaching turn, look at the blink spots, not exceeding speed limit, not too far below speed limit, know where to stop the car when needed be, there shouldn't be a problem to pass the test. All should be done within 1 hour and not fall into one of the following category.

Driving Test Failures Top 10

  • Failure to act properly at road junctions 149,439
  • Reversing round a corner incorrectly 119,617
  • Failure to make proper use of steering 101,318
  • Problems with parking 94,728
  • Failure to make proper use of gears 76,945
  • Failure to make effective use of the mirrors 66,270
  • Driving too slowly 64,942
  • Failure to act properly when turning right 64,215
  • Causing delay by not pulling out promptly at junctions 62,221
  • Failure to move away correctly from stationary positions 56,086

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