Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Relive my first PC adventure game

Back in 1990 before my dad bought me a Pentium 236 PC, I told him it is purely for playing game programming and to create an accounting software for his business (never materialize :p). The first game I bought from Imbi Plaza was Lucasfilm's Monkey Island (MI). I was a point-and-click game with EGA color. It is the classic adventure game I ever played.

Back in September, I found a nice MI animated flash did by someone in Germany. If you are an old school adventure gamer, you will like this one as it relive your nostalgia. It last for 2 minutes and summarize the game that took me 1 month to complete. Mind you, back then there is no easter egg, hint or walkthough offered in Internet.

click play movie to start

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