Monday, December 24, 2007

Car wash experience

It was almost a decade since I use auto car wash service. To be frank, I was a bit excited to reacquaint the lost experience. Having to know all supermarket won't be open on XMas and Boxing day, I decided to go for a car wash as Cherlyn will sit for her driving test on 27th. When I queued up my car for the service, there was 6 cars in the line. I was hesitated at a point when I saw drivers there were drivers missing from their seat. At first I thought they went to buy cigarette.

When there were 4 cars left, I walked to the car wash entrance and saw a device without credit card slot. Then I asked the next in line driver how car wash work. Only then I realize I need to prepay before I can use the service. There were 3 options at the payment till, jet wash for £2, premium wash for £4 and £5 wash. I picked premium wash. I was told to remove the radio aerial before the wash.

Once I punched in the number (734141) and drove myself up to the indicator, the car wash process commenced. Whole process took about 6 minutes, but the wait was about 45 minutes. I give 5/5 for car body cleanliness, but 3/5 for tyre rim cleanliness.

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