Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Have my eye on Shuttle SG33G6 Deluxe

I was reading about Shuttle SG33G6 yesterday and fall in love with it as it comes with onboard HDMI output and integrates Bluetooth, WLAN, USB Speed-Link and fingerprint reader. To configure one without a decent graphic card, monitor, keyboard and mouse, it already cost £470. I'm not sure will this be cost effective to configure one as my HTPC.

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Ivan said...

I bought one SG33G6 two weeks ago. I have made a clean XP Pro install and tested it. CPU:Intel Quad Core.
First impression: Silent, quick and nice. Shuttle specific drivers seems stable and are really easy to install. Well build, nice fitting hardware.
The only thing I miss is a powerful GPU. I will add a gaphic card but want a really top performing (game) card for this model, but dont know what card to select.
Any clues?