Friday, February 08, 2008

Using Slingbox or gogoMedia to broadcast home CCTV

Been research for sometime and for a cheap cctv. In brief, I found 3 options. You can buy Motorola Homesight HMEZ2000 for £66.

But there is a monthly subscription payable to myhome247 to remote access the camera and with ability to receive text alarm.

2nd option is get a wifi camera from linksys or dlink and hook it to the wifi network. If you can VPN back home, I believe you can access the wifi camera., but there is no notification or motion capture.

Traditionaly, most CCTV has a SCART plug to connect to your TV.

GetPLC Smart CCTV is one of the model HomeBase has stock.

The 3rd option need a Slingbox. Not only you get to enjoy your TV channel or recorded show anywhere you go, you can also use the SCART plug to connect the CCTV into it and your house anywhere you go. I think this option give you better value as it is subscription free. Of course, it would be nice to connect Slingbox to PIR motion detection in order to snapshot of your house on any movement as there isn't any yet.

Alternate to Slingbox, Adigit gogomedia Pro a Taiwanese product that rival Slingbox seems to do it all. I extracted this diagram from their website. Unlike slingbox where you need to connect to sling website, you can directly connect to gogomedia as it has ddns option and support recording!

The price is a bit steep at £250, but as compare to Sling, you get multi access capability. Adigit PDF brochure is available here and manual here. Unfortunately the model I'm interested in this post is the Surveillance model but it is not for retail. :(


Jacob said...

That's a great idea for CCTV.

You may also want to check out mReplay for checking a CCTV in any web browser.

It's called mReplay Live, and you can watch, control, record, edit and share you Slingbox... all in a browser.


rhys said...

try out the HAVA Titanium HD, much better than slingbox IMO