Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Never miss a UK TV shows with TVCatchup

I found this fantastic site. No Sky+ box, Sling box or PVR at home for tv recording? No problem. With 8 channels to choose for recording, TVCatchup is a free personal video recorder that give you no excuse for missing your favourite tv programme again. It would be nice to have someone staying outside of UK to test this service.

You can plan your recording 8 days in advance! where you can schedule and watch your recorded tv online. However, there is a limit of 10GB disk space per user.

You can record a series automatically.

If you did missed a show, you can browse the recorded shows from other users and send a request to watch those shows. You really have no excuse to miss anything in tv. Better still, I think you can live without a tv at all.

I've not watch any yet, but I'll soon have a show to watch. This morning when I logged in, the owner of recorded simpson episode has allowed to lent me his show.

Ay, caramba! I can watch The Simpson now!

As for the storage, for an hour show, it will take up 60MB and you have 30 days to watch it.

Update 15/2: Understand TVCatchup has been shutdown with some legal question with the content provider. Read more here. It is a matter of time as BBC would not let such technology exist while they'd invested £ in their iplayer. If you go to TVCatchup website, below is what you see. What a shame that such wonderful technology need to go.

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