Monday, February 18, 2008

-4 degree doesn't cool me off from crap BT appointment

Today is the coldest morning I ever experience at -4 celcius.

While the morning was cold, but that doesn't stop me from cursing BT. I'm pissed with BT as my scheduled for landline installation didn't turn up. From 8am - 1pm, no Open Reach engineer come. I'm calling to find out my next appointment, the number 0800800150 is chargable using mobile and I was put on endless wait, and was served by call centre at India that the operator know nothing about BT and just read according to a script! Without a landline I could not have a broadband connection. What a crap service!
I was told due to underground engineering work, the installation is delay to 5/3 on the day I return home. Let's hope this time they deliver their promise.

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