Monday, February 04, 2008

Deal from Sky & Cost Calculation

With just 1 call to Sky for confirmation on my previous booked Pay Once Watch Forever from Dixons, I got more discount from Sky. It all started with BT. BT had rescheduled my telephone landline installation from 18 Feb to 3/3. Frustrating as I won't be able to online at home.

Anyway, the deal I'm getting from Sky via phone instead of online is £124.99 cashback on the BT connection, £30 broadband installation waive for broadband connection once my BT line is ready, £50 M&S or NEXT voucher each for me and friend who has a Sky contract and £49 for Sky+ box (£99 for buying it online). However I'm not entirely satisfy as I know people able to get Sky+ for free. I'm going to phone Sky retention team and hopefully I can work out a deal with them. Finger cross.

Variety Channels I picked

Sky+ box for £49 instead of £99

16mb for £10 pending on BT line connection

This is the combo I would take if I have a BT landline, paying extra £50 for Sky+

The reason I picked Sky instead of Sky Pay Once Watch Forever deal I bought from Dixons is the combine calculation that make Sky the winner. First of all, BT is charging me £124.99 BT connection for new home and line rental is £10.5 per month with 12 months compulsory contract (exit contract need to pay £70 penalty) . This spoilt my intention to take Tiscali £14.99 8mb plan with free Bt line rental. Therefore I'll be paying £25.49 with BT with Tiscali for broadband. But with Sky 16mb unlimited, I will save £4.99 each month. As for Sky Pay Once £70.5/12 month = £5.875 vs £16 Sky contract, this is justified by £124.99 BT connection cashback and Sky+ box at £49.9. If I can get the box for free, then there is no different in term of payment, but a greater deal.

  • BT and BT Connection & Sky Pay Once & Tiscali = 10.5+(124.99/12) +(70.5/12)+14.99 = 41.78 per month
  • BT without connect (as Sky cashback) & Sky TV & Broadband & Sky+ = 10.5+16+10+(49/12)=40.58 per month

Clearly Sky package is slightly cheaper and on top of that, I have not include £50 voucher from Sky. This calculation only correct if you are a new home owner that you need to pay BT Connection fee.

Update 5/2: I called Sky 3 times, 1st time was on hold for >5min, 2nd time the guy was straightforward and wanting to cancel my package, but I told him i'll reconsider and 3rd time I make an excuse and told the guy Virgin is giving V+ box for free. But the sales advisor told me Sky+ box will not be given for free. Ok, tough luck but at least I tried.

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