Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dixons Samsung LE40M86BD Deal at £701.05

We had finally decided to go for Samsung LE40M86BD instead of LE40F86BDX with 100Hz.

At first I thought the Dixons' FIVEOFFTV code (5% off) is over, but it still works. The only expired code was PR25 for £25 off. Instead Iuse AW20 for £20 off. I ordered it yesterday for £701.05.

Just as I thought the stock won't come for Dixons' LE40F86BDX , it is now available and can be purchased for £986.99 using the same codes.


johnybravo said...

you know what would go well with this?

A PS3, then an Xbox 360 and then a Nintendo Wii! (All in black casings!)


Good luck bro!

Brian Lim said...

since when Wii comes in black? Is it available already?

johnybravo said...

only in japan!