Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cheap Nokia N95 Deal from e2save

This is the cheapest deal in UK. Free Nokia N95 from e2save with 12 months O2 contract, paying £20 per month via redemption. Only 30 left.

Update 12/3: N95 is even cheaper now with £15 per month for 12 months contract.

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Rose said...

Beware E2save future customers, especially when you sign up for offers called 'price-match'. This literally means that your contract is specially designed to trick you into losing your cashback.

My experience was the cashback was not only designed so differently from the standard on you see on their website but:

There is a line in contract sent to me via email saying: Please send each claim by recorded delivery within 1 month of the date
of each of your network airtime bills...and also...'within one calendar month of the required bill, which is the closing date for your claim'.

You think that's clear enough, but it's not. What they mean by this the within 1 month of the connection time, meaning way ahead of the deadline i had in my mind. Therefore I lost not only that cashback but all cashback after that. £230 pounds, stupid me anyway to let them trick me.

Just a few line to warn you off.