Friday, May 23, 2008

My Home Networking Setup

I'm not going in details but for the last couple of weeks, I have been busy trying to setup a Remote Desktop Connection between my company and my home. That lead me to setup DDNS, OpenVPN and OpenSSH. Although I'd successfully setup the above, the downside is my company firewall has prevent me from establishing a connection back home. My administrator told me the only way I can get around is to VPN from home to company and use the established tunnel to route home.

At the sametime, I setup FTP server for me to retrieve my photos and etc. Gosh, I was surprised to see someone tried to hack in using admin user. I also setup glype web proxy to browse site that might be blocked by my company proxy, mostly all social networking site, online storage, bittorent and web proxy. Yesterday I'd setup web UI for uttorent and emule to monitor my download progress since I could not remote desktop back to my home.

Next, I'll try to setup my own blog or photoblog and hopefully I can get it done within days.

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