Thursday, May 29, 2008

Invest with Tradefair

Tradefair is a new concept from Betfair. It is high risk betting based on World Finance Section, from indices, commodities, equities, FX, bond & rates. I got to know about it as I was given a £10k demo account to start with. The benefit of Tradefair are:

  • Bull or Bear - One of the most obvious advantages of spread trading is the unique opportunity to go short of (or sell) a stock or share. You can therefore experience the benefit of either a rising or falling market! No commission or fees. Because Tradefair Spreads is not a stockbroker, we do not charge commission or fees. The only “fee” is the spread we charge on the prices that we quote.

  • Gearing - Spread trading also allows you to trade in sizes smaller than those usually available in the underlying market. Similarly, you may also benefit from an opportunity to trade in larger positions than are normally permitted in the underlying market, without depositing large sums of money.
  • Tax free profits - All spread trading profits are recognised as the winnings of a bet, and are therefore free of Capital Gains and Income Tax.

In brief, it multiplying the stake with the net change depends on the current trading. You can place order for buy or sell.

Upon order, the system will introduce a Stop Order based on the available fund, so that it limit the trade loss.

You can then specific a new Stop Loss and Good Until.

For example, I invested in FTSE at 6061 with size 25 (1 net change with earn/loss £25) for sell. On top of that, I also invested FTSE at 6065 with size 60 for Buy. I was losing yesterday for £4xx and decided to close the position for Size 25 Sell.

This morning I earned £1400 as the market gone up and I didn't close it yesterday.

Once the position is close, the earning is permanent.

more detail on tradefair system can be found here and here for list of product info. I don't think I'm ready for it yet, but I do like the concept.

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