Monday, April 14, 2008

Goodbye Sky, Hello Tiscali

Today I checked with Sky Broadband and I was told my broadband is not activate for the number i gave but for the old number that BT cancelled. It has been 2+ month I have not surf a web at home in UK.

I cancelled my Sky Broadband and going to send back the router. My initial plan to use Sky was for the BT connection rebate (£124.99) and £10 16mbps unlimited plan. However, I only eligible for their 8mbps plan with 40gb download limit (£17 per month) as the exchange my phoneline connected to doesn't has Sky equipment. And this morning, I confirmed BT is not charging me a connection fee as they waive the amount having my old number no longer valid. All the trouble for £124.99, I think it worth the wait.

Now, I just signed up Tiscali Unlimited plan with no download limit (£8.49 first 3 months, £14.99 later). Hopefully there will be no hiccup this time. Finger cross.

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