Monday, December 07, 2009

Bought my first baby item, Quinny Buzz 4 2009 model

Back in September, I got a little surprise in life. My wife is pregnant. 4 months on, the baby is developing and each day my wife's tummy is growing. As for me, I've been studying what I need to buy for the baby. 1 of the essential item is pushchair. After much research, we decided to buy Quinny Buzz 4 black. I just ordered from Mothercare for £400. I then called them for a price match with Halfords for £329.99.

This is 2009 model and the pushchair can be used up to 4 years old. On top of that, it can mount a Maxi Cosi car seat which I'll purchase in the coming days.

A short promo clips from Quinny web site.

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