Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Belkin TuneBase F8Z441ea for £41

I was looking for a iPhone car charger, and the cheapest I found cost around £6. My car does come with a ipod dock, but I'm looking for a iphone holder + fm transmitter + charger as I would like to play FM from abroad (via 3G using Wunder Radio) and listen it using the car stereo. :)

Belkin TuneBase is the best one around, besides Griffin.
The cheapest I found is £51.12 from Amazon, and yet there is a £10 off valid until 16th Aug.

It worked out to be £41.12 and i think it is a good deal.

Update 18/8: I received it yesterday, tested it for 10min, decided return it as it doesn't charge my iPhone 3GS and I could only get noise out from the sync FM. Instead, I placed an order or Belkin Micro Auto Charger for £4, rpp £13.5.

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