Wednesday, July 01, 2009

SGP shield for iPhone 3G & S

I got my iPhone 3GS today, finally I'd decided to move away from HTC Hero after 2 weeks of consideration. But I'll get an Android phone early next year when it has NVidia Tegra chip in the smartphone.

I'd done some research on which case best fit my iPhone, and I bought SGP Shield at eBay from a Korean seller. At first I was looking for an anti fingerprint LCD film, but ended up buying this invinsible shield. SGP shield only comes with a Steinheil Crystal film. Thanks to the generous seller I got anti fingerprint film FOC.


Hi, may I know is it possible to swap and top up for an anti fingerprint sgp screen protector before you ship? I understand the lcd screen protector included in sgp shield is not anti-fingerprint. Thanks.

- engowen07

<<< hi

thank you for your is include one clear screen film.Originally, it is impossible...but i will send one clear and one antifinger print film.thank you.

- wowsomethingnew

Zagg's invisibleshield is another popular choice, but I didn't get it as several users complains about the stickiness of it. I hope SGP will not have this problem.

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