Monday, March 02, 2009

Got my Asus Nova P20 TV Dock

I got my Asus Nova TV dock last Friday, it was shipped to me from Australia. Many thanks to JYing. Having the only person in UK to own 1 of this tv dock, I have no one to share my joy except those geeks in Australia. :) Okay, this tv dock is what I expected except the expandable HDD enclosure. A 2.5" HDD can be mount to the base of the TV dock. Brilliant!

2.5" HDD enclosure for expansion

The back of the DVB-T TV dock

Front of the TV connector. SD + card reader, and 3 usb ports

Asus Nova P20 + TV Dock


Menthu Rae said...

Wow, you paid so much for your NovaP20 and now the dock. :(

I got mine at the end of 2008 for $469 AUD (P20) + $50 AUD for the dock, which is about £255 GBP.

By the way, if you're interested in pics of the internals of the dock, look here -->

Brian Lim said...

Hi Menthu, I wonder can you send me a zip file of program files\ehome folder. I'd just upgrade my p20 to win7, and i would like to grab back some of the old files that i didn't backup. Thanks.