Monday, December 08, 2008

Asus Nova P20 Docking Station

I was surfing for comment on upgrading P20's processor to E7300 before I saw the new docking station at Asus homepage. It comes with card reader, usb ports and tv tuner. But since I planned to get a Slingbox SOLO as part of my wishlist for 08/09, the reason I might get it is for the card reader.

One of the OZ web site is selling it for $75.

Update: 12/12 - Apparently P20 is not popular in Singapore as compare to Australia. I got an email from the Asus distributor in Singapore that the docking station will not be available in SG.

Update: 30/12: Thanks to jying, I got my TV Dock for AUD$131.75 inclusive of sea postage to UK.


Emi said...

Hello, I am looking for this dock. Someone could help me to find a web stor please ?

Brian Lim said...

Hi Emi, the TV dock is only available in Australia. I checked and noticed it has been discontinue, refer to

Emi said...

llo and thank you for your answer; when I look into the link you sent me it is written "discontinueted" for this product. I think they do not have anymore in stock.
Someone else could know where I could find this dock ?
Thank you,