Thursday, October 16, 2008

Train fare comparison from Swindon to London

I was comparing for cheapest train fare from Swindon to London Paddington for next day travel, departing after 9am and return at 5:15pm on the same day. By using raileasy, thetrainline and firstgreatwestern, the cheapest ticket for both thetrainline and firstgreatwestern has to be bought as single way, costing £75.50 in total. However cheapest goes to raileasy, at £67.50.

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tbritton83 said...

Hi Brian,

I usually agree with most of your input and love the work you've done in helping people save money however, I have come across a mistake in your train ticket price comparison. You have not selected the same journey time on and as you did for raileasy. You selected to travel on the 9:29 train for both and and you selected to travel from the 9:35 train for raileasy. However, had you selected to travel from the 9:35 train for and firstgreatwestern (which judging by your screen prints was available on all the sites) you would come out with tickets that are the same price of 67.50 for all three sites. Not to mention the charges for processing the ticket / using a debit card are actually 50p higher on rail easy than on the other two sites. IF you were forced to use a credit card on rail easy you'd pay 73p higher On Rail Easy. I hope this information helps your customers find the cheapest fares. Cheers!