Friday, September 12, 2008

Micro Four Third Camera from Panasonic

Today Panasonic makes the headline. Not long ago Panasonic and Olympus signed into Micro Four Thirds standard - and the Panasonic G1 - represents the first complete break with legacy SLR technology going back well over half a century, and as such represents an important moment in digital photography's short history.

Panasonic's stated reasons for introducing Micro Four Thirds are simple; to produce smaller cameras that act more like compact DSCs whilst offering the quality and versatility of a DLSR - and in doing so to convert some of the millions of compact camera buyers who - according to research - are put off digital SLRs by the bulk, complexity and lack of user-friendliness.

Compare the size of micro four standard G1 in the middle with a prosumer on the left and standard dslr on the right.

In my opinion, Panasonic G1 and Nikon D90 will be the popular upgrade path for compact camera consumer as G1 has the comfortable size and weight (aprox 380g w/o batt) while D90 (aprox 620g w/o batt) has the movie recording function. It will be interesting to know what Olympus will announce in the coming weeks as Photokina 2008 is coming close. I do felt Pentax and Samsung have left out from the race as they have yet to find a way to come back into the game.

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