Monday, July 21, 2008

Best phone I ever used: N95 Black

I've been using N95 Black 8GB for 3 weeks and I'm loving it everyday since. The phone itself comes with the more than everyday needs features (5mega pixel camera,mp3,wifi,auto screen rotate), but with some extra application I installed, it becomes a super mobile phone. All you need is to install the following applications:
Psiloc IrRemote 1.03 - remote control for your TV, Music, DVD player.
VNC+ 1.3.2 - Remote control your PC
Sygic Drive 7.5.408 /Nokia Maps 2.0.2602 - GPS SATNav, even while walking
Windows Live Messenger 1.1.9000/ Skype 0.9.6 - everyday chat
DivXPlayer 0.90 - Play divx avi directly without resizing
SymSmb 3.5.018- Connect to Network share via Wifi to copy/paste files
Mobiola WebCam 3 - Turn your phone camera into bluetooth Webcam
MsDict 5- Mobile dictionary with severals dictionary modules available

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